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It was in 2004 when MzTeeJay Creations was born, losing my favorite designer scarf and never being able to replace it pushed me to go to a local craft store and purchase a needle and some yarn.  I had never acknowledged I had a "gift" until just recently as I became a full time ENTREPRENEUR in 2018.

As a young child my Paternal Grandma Elise Jones taught me and my sister the Shell Stitch and we created Afghans. I figured with having that knowledge I should be able to create my very own scarf. After a few mess ups I went on to create my very own scarf. After a few more mess ups I went on to create hats, shawls, ponchos, baby items and the list keeps growing!

All designs are self-taught by envisioning ideas randomly in thought and creating my own stitch and patterns.

The business name was derived with my first initial TEE (Tisha) with my Grandma in mind my maiden name(Jones) JAY and to be more creative I added MZ at the beginning. MzTeeJay Creations was born.

This brand was made from determination, a willingness to create and execute with LOVE and it all comes from Grandma giving me the tools at the very early age and me never ever forgetting what I was taught.

MzTeeJay Creations, “Freehand Crochet With LOVE”



“To some my Scrappy Designs may not look like anything but to others its an ORIGINAL and nobody will have it.”


“There is no better feeling than to create something by hand. And even better FREEHAND. Your stitches, your count, your design”


“Never wanting to acknowledging I had a GIFT, just always knew that crocheting and creating was my FAVORITE pastime”


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